Hollowed Dreams is a wild tale set in the fantasy city of Ludor, which has a medieval feel right down to the starving masses and pampered ruling class, and centers around the city's elite Dreamwalkers.

The'Dreamwalkers are six men who serve the kingdom as the most prized (and expensive) escorts. Their unique talent of visiting the dreams of others means absolute privacy for their patrons with no chance of discovery but all the pleasure of a traditional physical encounter. It also means they can play the king's spies, discovering the deepest secrets of those considered a threat to the kingdom while those men and women are too blind with pleasure to protect their minds. It's a tradition passed on through generations, and each generations' six Dreamwalkers have always served the king.

The tale of Hollowed Dreams begins with the appearance of an impossible seventh Dreamwalker, Cassian Stone, when he commits an equally impossible murder. Living outside the city of Ludor, where it is rumored the ravaged word boasts only mindless savages, he claims to be interested in saving the king's Dreamwalkers- and convinces one of them to leak information which has him captured.

The entire kingdom is shocked by the savage outsider and his exotic beauty, with a talent for Dreamwalking which shouldn't exist- and the king's Dreamwalkers can't yet tell whether his appearance spells salvation or ruin, only that their way of life is about to end.


A unique interactive story, Hollowed Dreams turns the usual otome romance style on its head- offering a choice in the main character rather than the love interest.

The player can decide between the king's six Dreamwalkers, and walks their story as they choose whether to romance Cassian Stone, to join him in his secretive mission, and whether to stay loyal to their king and country.

Boasting a good ending, neutral ending, and two slightly varied bad endings for each character, Hollowed Dreams contains only one true ending, and it's up to the 'player' to discern which character holds that route.

Each character's route can be bought individually, or as a package once they have all been released.

WARNING: Hollowed Dreams does contain NSFW scenes of the homosexual variety, all of which come with the option to skip those scenes and continue with the story. It is not necessary to read these scenes in order to grasp the plot of the story.


The story is currently being developed; the author is working hard and will let you know when he was work to offer! The available 'prologue' was written in a couple of minutes for this prototype page and will not exist when the final, polished project is released.